Zombe’s Mod

Can confirm that Zombe's Mod pack. It is one of the best Mod Collection is, with a lot of useful options and possibilities. You can manipulate the speed, fly like a bird, digg and more faster. Check out this great mod pack out and have fun with it.


About Zombe's Mod pack includes 26 different changes for Minecraft that makes the game more customizable for new and experienced players. It was created and is maintained by users Minecraft Zombe, who called it the "Swiss Army Knife of Mods." Each mod is highly configurable, and users can pick 
and choose the mods they want to install.


How to install:
Download for Minecraft Zombe ModPack
Download and install Minecraft Forge API, MCPatcher HD
Copy the files in the folder "classes" into minecraft.jar
Copy the files in "config" folder into. Minecraft / mods / zombe (if you do not have to create a new one)
Try running Minecraft
Mods for the single bridge
Single Player mods include preventing players do not lose all their items upon death, as well as mods that players move, controlling the weather, and allows you to create recipes of your own for use in the game. Here are some of the mods available for single player:
Boom: give you control over the destruction of TNT.
Shopping Cart: minecarts driver allows you to use the scroll key.
Chest: store any items you drop on top of a chest.
Deaths: save your items by placing them in a chest when you die.
Growth: Make any trees fall to the ground in the trees themselves.
Icon: displays the symbol of what a container holding the outside of the container.
Spawning: Spawning change your view and edit various options related to reproduction.
Weather: toggles weather and give you "Mayhem Mode".
Mods for Multi-Player
This mod pack is a must-have for server administrators. You can give your server ops have the ability to fly or privileges granted to the individual features of the player of your choice. Here are some more mods available players:
Cheat: makes you invincible and lets you change your stats.
Cloud computing: changing cloud height and maximum building height.
Compass: create a spawn point instead to work with a compass.
Information: displays additional information, including light levels and coordinates.
Path: vivid display and the way you've done.
Sunlight: change or freeze time.
Safety: creating a safe zone where mobs will not be dangerous to wander.
Wield: assign a key that allows you to automatically use your weapon when pressed.
Zombe Mod pack is a useful tool for the creation of special maps for the community to download and for those who want to have admin rights to better control what users can do. It comes with an extensive help file and detailed and regularly updated. This powerful function makes one of the most popular mod pack so far.
Download Page Zombe's Mod Pack 

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