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The Paladin mod to a crowd of RioV Fog mod called Paladin, this mini-boss drops a sword when defeated. On the other hand, the extended use term that can be used with this mod increases the health of the crowd in 1000, their attack power by 50, and gives them immunity to fire damage.

The Fog of RioV mod for Minecraft brings people to the world of RioV, players hit a country with creatures known as Nizonians. 1301 the Department of Construction, and in ten years the natives of this land have tried to combat Granitions they encounter in the Department of Building 1278. The Granitions, Nizonians, and the latest wave of enemies called Nirons seek to destroy all the nations of the Minecraft world, including humans.
This mod can be played in multiplayer mode. For players to do this, they must install a singleplayer game modes, such as Minecraft Forge. The file "META-INF 'should not be deleted, and then, from the singleplayer mod Fog of RioV can be installed, along with the player creates a bin directory on the server. Once the server is running, the multiplayer mode can be used. Some new gameplay elements featured in this mod includes the ability for players to ride horses, including horse bones. There are new armor, mages are introduced, and many other Minecraft expansion can also be used with this mod. Some of these expansions can be used with this mod mods include Paladin, and duration of use.
The Fog of RioV mod also change specific parts of Minecraft code, such as the main menu, and the AI ​​of the villagers and the Zombie AI Moreover, new blocks and items are added to this mod for the new game option.

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