StarWars Mod

StarWars Minecraft gives you the ability to do what you want, this mod extend its functionality. Star Wars Mod mixture of incredible universe of the Star Wars saga with the infinite possibilities of the popular sandbox game Minecraft. The mod involved a group of players selected (eg Jedi, Sith, etc.) and try to become the most powerful in the universe. Players can find new ore underground, craft weapons such as lightsabers and blasters, level up, unlock the device and powers of special forces, destroying enemies (different for each faction), buy things from virtual stores and local markets, visit the new planet (such as Tatooine, Coruscant, etc.) and form the basis of Minecraft thanks to code.


Make sure that you install Minecraft Forge
1) Click on Start and write in the search bar:% appdata%
2) Go on. Minecraft
3) Go into the bin and open minecraft.jar with a software such as WinZIP
4) Delete "META-INF" folder inside minecraft.jar
5) Open the folder called "PUT in minecraft.jar" of StarWars mod (this folder will be in this ZIP file)
6) Select all the files (and folders) and drag them into the minecraft.jar
7) Open the folder called "PUT in. Minecraft" and drag all the files (and folders) into your directory. Minecraft
8) Run Minecraft and test all the new features of this amazing mod!
Statement of changes:
How clean is the package
Update mod for MC 1.5.2
SAMS also spawn if you have peace
Reproductive structures on Mustafar (new terrain blocks, 2 lava base, decorative lighting, Sith temple, a good way for the reproductive structures, monsters spawning inside the structure)
2 new monsters: Mustafarians (nord and south)
Forging statements: the world is not leaking
Enable special characters spawn system (Yoda and KitFisto)
add the command to disable the server world
Make sized planet 100% compatible Forge
The minimap in the pause menu
Add special characters like Yoda
The server sends the information to the customer
Host segment information
New mob: Lava sun
Special characters reproductive system (the hash is static and loaded on top of the game)
add command to enable server-side world
Dewbacks more on Tatooine (desert rock)
New Crowd: Droid small gathering and lava and go on
New Planet: Mustafar (lava terrain and downs seconds)
Clone: ​​sniper rifle class
Improved AI for shooter (clones and droids)
2 new blasters (DX-13 and DC-15A)
Using a new structure for range
New Force Powers System
making power first: throw lightsaber
make the first power (B. Hunter): invisibility
Upgrade Military Power Interface
New AI mobs
Dewbacks riddable
PSU (Power Unit network storage)
change to a default timber Endor
FIX: EOFException while the player goes to nether / end
FIX: The size is now correctly removed when not in use
FIX: Droids are making Mustafar panning really lagging fertility mobs + is too much
FIX: black lightsaber to the formula
FIX: error maping SAMS
FIX: problem on Tatooine map
FIX: fix shift that puts you in lava!
FIX: draw healthbar
FIX: single people draw
FIX: When you change the faction is 0, 0 credits, spendable points is 0, as new powers
FIX: when you rejoin you do not receive the level of power!
FIX: droideka shield
FIX: cable is not creating actual cable products
FIX: EOFException in server
IMPORTANT FIX: Unable to save player data for

Download StarWars Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1/1.4.7

For 1.5.2
For 1.5.1
For 1.4.7

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