THX Helicopter Mod Minecraft

Minecraft community is in control of how awesome this mod will become. After you download the mod you can use and develop it however you want. The thx helicopter mod for Minecraft is an open source project that allows you to edit a helicopter pretty easy to fly about the game. Being that this is an open source project.

There are other simple controls to alter the direction and strength of you, but you will learn fairly quickly. You can fly throughout the game, navigate through caves and tunnels my car is good, but you should remember that you can do damage and death if you are not careful. Control for the helicopter is pretty easy, you have to click to put one down, and right-click. Helicopters also like my car, but with a view blades and cockpit cool. That makes flying better than carting around Minecraft is that you do not need coal fly. Once you're in, the space bar is used up, turn left to go down, forward is the key W.
If you manually many helicopter and shoot at them when they become your allies, and basically reflect your actions, including firing missiles at your enemies. If you shoot a helicopter twice it will become your enemy, and therefore will attack you. There are many different types of missiles, including air-to-air missiles and missiles. Another great feature that you'll find in this mod is that you can create a helicopter fleet of allies or enemies.
Whether you just need to use the helicopter that had mod or this mod developed to its full potential, the choice is yours. Either way, this mod will give you a new, really cool and easy to get around and will add hours of entertainment and gaming.
How to install:
Download the latest version of Modloader
Download the most recent version of  THX Helicopter Mod
Type% appdata%
Opening. Minecraft / bin
Open Minecraft average.
Delete the META INF folder
Drag in the Modloader files
Go. Minecraft / mods
Drag the folder helicopter to THX / mods

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