Minions Mod 1.5.2/1.6

Minions can:
  • Follow you around
  • Be sent to places
  • Chop down most any kind of trees, including Jungle giants
  • Carry you, animals and other players
  • Pickup and carry Items in their inventory
  • Dig mineshafts complete with stairwell
  • Dig out a custom sized space you define
  • Mine ore veins you point out to them
  • Intelligently strip mine where you tell them to
  • Return their goods and loot to you
  • Or to a chest you pointed out
They don’t come for free, you have to prove your worth by slaying living beings (to accumulate levels) and then take action for the dark gods. Only after a number of evil deeds they may grant you minions.
Since 1.2.5 ordering bigger projects also exhausts the player.
Short Minion handbook:
  • Kill enough stuff to reach lvl 8
  • Press M and do evil 4 times
  • Receive Master Item
  • Leftlick Master Item for Lightning Bolts
  • Rightclick Master Item to spawn Minions
  • Rightclick to issue orders, context-sensitive (a place, trees, an animal, an ore vein, your feet)
  • Also press M for mining shapes.
  • Rightclick chest (FROM DISTANCE) to set it as destination
  • Charge staff like a bow to have minions follow you
  • Rightclick minions to have them drop whatever they have
  • Leftclick Minions for working incentive …. mueheheheh
Minions are fully compatible with SMP. However there may be oddness regarding their movement and animations
Default settings: (configurable by the file in the /mods/ folder)
  • Minions main menu: “M”
  • Maximum Minions per player: 4
  • Cost of evil Deed: 2 levels
  • - 4 evil deeds are required to gain minions
How to Install Minions Mod Minecraft 1.5.2/1.6:
Requirements to install: Minecraft Forge
The folders in the downloaded file are labeled.
Specific technical information for those interested
Minions use an A-star algorithm custom pathing system. It’s multithreaded.
Hitches and problems/teleporting you see all stem from Minecraft pathfollowing, which is … lets call it suboptimal.
The tree finding algorithm is multithreaded aswell, and stops when it has found 16 trees or has scanned a 64×64 area. It supports mod Tree’s so long their custom Tree blocks have “log” in their name or extend BlockLog.
Animal abduction works on all entities that extend EntityAnimal.
Strip mining scans the walls and roofs of the dug shaft continuously for precious blocks. Anything that is not worthless (eg dirt, stone, gravel…) is considered precious, so it fully supports mod ores.
Giving the order to mine an ore vein or having found such a vein while strip mining, the Minion will follow the vein and mine all connected Blocks of the same kind until there are no more. Then it will return to the player, or, if it was stripmining, return to that.

For Minecraft 1.5.2/1.6
Download Minions Mod Minecraft 1.5.2/1.6
For Minecraft 1.5.1
Download Minions Mod Minecraft 1.5.1
For Minecraft 1.5
Download Minions Mod Minecraft 1.5
For Minecraft 1.4.7
Download Minions Mod Minecraft 1.4.7
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Craftable Diamonds Minecraft 1.5.2

Author minecraftian242424 Share with you a new Mod. Looking forward to welcome you and to share in the Minecraft community.
1. Download and Install forge
2. Start minecraft
3. wait t forge files install
4. Drag mod file into mods folder in .minecraft
5. Enjoy my new mod

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Heartlands Texture Pack

Install Heartlands Texture Pack for Minecraft

1.Download a texture pack in a ZIP file format, do not unzip. If you created your own textures, you need to ZIP them. For in-depth instructions on obtaining the files to make your own custom texture pack go to Tutorials/Custom Texture Packs.
2.Run Minecraft. If you already have Minecraft running, make sure you save and quit the world: you need to be in the main menu to continue (If you have Optifine, you can go to Options > Video Settings while in-game).
3.Click Texture Packs button.
4.Click Open Texture Pack Folder button; this will open the folder where Minecraft stores all texture packs. If nothing happens, you need to find the folder manually. Depending on your operating system it is:
Windows: %AppData%\.minecraft\texturepacks
Linux: ~/.minecraft/texturepacks (This folder may be hidden in the Home Folder)
Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/texturepacks (This folder may be hidden)
5.Do not close Minecraft. Place the texture pack (ZIP file) in the opened folder, do not unzip.
6.In a few seconds the texture pack will appear in Minecraft. Select it (may take a few seconds for high-resolution packs), and click Done. The texture pack is now applied, you may now load your world and see the difference.

Category : Minecraft Texture Packs

Genres :

Resolution: 16x

Developer : LlGHTS

Compatible : Minecraft 1.5.2, Minecraft 1.5.1, Minecraft 1.5

Last Updated : June 24, 2013

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GrowthCraft Bamboo Mod 1.5.2

GrowthCraft Bamboo is the second part of the Oriental-themed update. Unlike the other mods in the pack, the bamboo plant is focused more on construction rather than foodstuffs.
Required Mods:
  • GrowthCraft Core
  • 1.   Install Minecraft Forge.
  • 2.   Download the .zip file
  • The .zip file is named with the following pattern:
    • “growthcraft-(name of the mod)-(minecraft version) –(mod version)”
      • Example: “growthcraft-Bamboo-1.5.1-1.0”
  • 3.   Go to your MineCraft mods folder.
  • If a mods folder doesn’t exist, create one.
    • Windows 7:
      • C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods
    • Windows Vista/XP:
      • C:\Documents and Settings\*your user name*\Application Data\.minecraft\mods
    • Linux:
      • /home/Your User Name/.minecraft/mods
    • Mac OS/X:
      • ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/mods
  • 4.   Copy the downloaded .zip file (“growthcraft-(mod)-(mcver)-(modver)”) to your MineCraft mods folder.’
  • 5.   Start MineCraft and enjoy!
  • OreDictionary integration. Bamboo leaves added.
  • OreDictionary integration. Bamboo added as “cropBamboo”.
  • ThaumCraft support. Added aspects to custom blocks and items.
  • Forestry support. Fermenter will now accept bamboos and bamboo shoots.
  • Forestry support. Forester Backpack will now accept bamboos, bamboo shoots, and bamboo leaves..
  • MineFactory Reloaded support. Planter, Fertilizer, and Harvester Machines will now work with the rice.
  • Change. Default block IDs. Backup your previous config files so you can transfer your old block IDs.
  • Change. Bonemeal interaction. Will now only fill 3x3x3 area.
  • Change. Bamboo spread limit from 21 to 7.
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Archimedes’ Ships Mod 1.5.2

Craft and create your own ship… And sail it across the seven seas!


Blocks and items

Ship marker
The ship marker is the main block to create ships. It looks like a steering wheel, but it acts like a seat. Right click the block to create a ship out of connected blocks and mount it. See Features:Ship for information about the ship blocks.
Crafting recipe:
Archimedes' Ships Mod
Crafting recipe:
Archimedes' Ships Mod
The floater only has real functionality when advanced floating physics is enabled in the configuration file. It is simply a very lightweight block, that gives ships the ability to float.
Crafting recipe:
Archimedes' Ships Mod
This block does not have a function yet.
Crafting recipe:
Archimedes' Ships Mod


Compile a ship
To create a ship, simply build it as you build everything in Minecraft. Then it needs a ship marker, which is the main block of the ship and your seat at the same time.
Once you right click the block, the ship you created will convert into a moveable chunk and you will mount it. All blocks connected to the ship marker will become part of your ship. However, the ship will never be larger than 16*16*16 blocks and none of the following blocks will be considered part of the ship:
  • Dirt
  • Grass
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Clay
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Lava
  • Snow
  • Water lily
  • Netherrack
  • Soul sand
Also consider that tile entities will work, but are not saved to disk. So watch out with storing items in ship chests/furnaces/etc..
Unmounting the ship again will decompile the mobile chunk into normal world blocks, after the ship has been aligned to the world axis. Now you can edit and mount the ship again.
Make sure you don’t build or unmount the ship too near to your buildings, or (parts of) your buildings may connect to the ship when mounting it.
Sail a ship
The ship can be steered like the vanilla Minecraft boat. Although it will act slowly, its maximum velocity is much higher and by constantly sailing the same direction, you will keep gaining momentum. By sneaking the ship will quickly come to a full stop. Ships will never break when you hit something.
Command a ship
  • /as OR /ashelp OR /as?
    Lists all Archimedes’ Ships mod commands.
  • /asinfo
    Shows information about the ship you’re currently sailing.
  • /asdismount [overwrite]
    Dismount the current ship, even when it can not decompile. If the “overwrite
    ” parameter is added, the ship will decompile anyways and overwrite existing world blocks in the process if any.
  • /asalign
    Aligns the currently sailing ship to the world grid, without rejoining with the world. Useful for parking your ship.
  • /asdestroy [range]
    Destroys the nearest ship in a given range. If the range is not indicated, a range of 16 blocks is used.
  • /asreloadmeta
    Reloads all metarotation files in the .minecraft/config/ArchimedesShips/ folder.
  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Archimedes’ Ships Mod
  • Put Archimedes’ Ships Mod zip file into your %appdata%/.minecraft/mods/ folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Edit the configuration file for custom block and item IDs and other settings. (.minecraft/config/ArchimedesShipsMod.cfg)
  • Done
  • Changed the ship controls.
  • Added a property to the config file to change ship control type.
  • Changed the speed limit from 43.2 km/h to 144 km/h.
  • Added a white south pole pointer to the compass gauge.
  • Made ships move more smoothly -> increased sync rate to 1 per second again.
  • Ships can now contain multiple ship markers.
  • Added the /as (OR /ashelp OR /as?) command, listing all AS commands.
  • Added the /asdestroy [range] command, killing the nearest ship in range. Dropping items if it can’t decompile.
  • Added the /asalign, aligning the ship you’re riding on to the grid, without rejoining with the world.
  • Fixed ship splash particles.
  • Fixed ships not being influenced by liquid streams.
  • Fixed ships being blocked by squids and other mobs.
  • Fixed very thin pointers on gauges when mounted on a large ship.
  • Fixed torches and ladders dropping of the ship when rejoining with the world. (Still ladders & signs still happening)
  • Added crash-safety at the renderers when a block from another mod cannot render on ships.
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Advanced Solar Panels Mod 1.5.2

Tell you this is the energy Mod. The first one is to improve solar energy, which produces 8 EU / ton in the sun, and 1 EU / t at night and in the storm, with an internal storage of 32,000 EU, the outputs up to 32 EU / t, and the recipe requires a lot of manual work, will be listed here

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Instant House Mod 1.5.2

This mod allows you to set up your base in no time. There are some other mod types provide options to your game. But so far the Mod Instant appreciated among fans. The mod has different versions, but the current version is compatible with the latest Minecraft patch. Immediately the Mod for Minecraft is a real handful for Minecraft players. Immediately the mod provides an option to build a house quickly whenever and wherever you want.

Introduction: A mod to immediately build in Minecraft. Creator: Last gegy1000 Release Date: May 24, 2013 File Size: 6.01KB Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac

How to install Instant House Mod for Minecraft:

Locate to your minecraft.jar
open it with WinRAR - 7zip - WinZip or other program.
Drag and drop Modloader into minecraft.jar
Drag and drop the mod minecraft.jar InstantHouse

Download Instant House Mod 1.5.2
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Digimon Minecraft mod 1.5.2

With the encouragement of friends, author and are developing will Mod your Digimon will be one of the most powerful to protect you from any harm. You will witness a unique creature called a Digimon (Digital Monster) and soon to be your companion to fight for what you represent. Through the journey of your everyday.

  Your Digimon and healthy development. There will be wild and wild Digimons can harm you and your conquest to find out what happened to your Digimon world. It is based on the most famouse animation TV show in the late 90s.

  More great Digimon Digimon and battle over waiting. Mod this simple and neat, it's all thanks to the development, Cyan_the_Azure. This is great. The mod includes eggs Digimon, their food, card development, and everything that will connect you to the world's absolutely Digimon.

For some people have been known to watch and what Digimon is, this is what we're craving, a longtime dream of hope, as her last Digimon in our Minecraft world. Lets give a try and have a great adventure.
Let's cheer for the author and your okay.

More information and Recipes:
  • Go to Digimobs Mod wiki page
  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Digimobs Mod
  3. Unzip folder
  4. Drag “Digimobs” folder and “Mods” folder into minecraft.jar
  5. Delete meta-inf if it isn’t already
  6. Thats it
v0.8.0 pre 2 changelogs:
  • Always remember to backup your saves!
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2 and Forge 7.8.0
  • Another bug update, ironed out most of the bugs.
  • Added in new animations for several digimon, as well as updating some older models/animations
  • Re-added in Koromon’s branching line(Viral digivice allows him to evolve to BlackAgumon)
  • Added in flying digimon
  • Adjusted every digimon’s spawns. Some now also spawn at night, as well as only on certain blocks
  • Added new taming method to test. You can now feed digimon a certain amount of acorns to tame them.
  • Added in three basic biomes. They are not finished.
Known bugs
  • GUI and Stat renderer do not update health, level, or stats. They DO update, but they will not be shown.
  • Dimension block takes you into the nether rather than the digiworld dimension.

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Block colors Minecraft Mod 1.4.7

There will be a lot more colored blocks to Mincraft from your monotonous, download immediately and admire the vibrant colors of Mod color blocks.

Update-v2.2.2-v1.4.7 update for MC

This mod adds 288 new blocks, 16 in each of the following colors:

wood color

Saturated color-wood

Pastel-colored wood

-Color Stone

-Color stones

Perforated brick-colored stones



-Color Glass

Price List-color

Color iron-block

-Color Wooden Fence

-Color Plank

-Color Wood Stairs

-Color Stone Stairs

sand color

-Color Glowstone


All the blocks except the fence is in the building blocks of creative mode menu. Barriers are decorated in blocks.


1.Install Forge 6.6.0 or higher 2.Delete Meta-Inf archive 3.Copy "" mods folder in "C:. \ Users \ * your name * \ AppData \ Roaming \ Minecraft "

Config File-In folder. Minecraft / your configuration, there will be a file called coloredblocksmod.cfg. If ID conflict with your other mod color block mod, int configuration changes from 450 to any number you want between 450 and 3950. Note that this mod will use all of them id from 50 from it. For example: 450 will use ID 450-500.

bbb.class-fence all the icons black

Due to a problem in the code of Minecraft, and goods of all color barrier will appear black. To overcome this problem, copy the file "bbb.class" in this archive into the bin / minecraft.jar by using WinRAR or 7zip. It is possible that this may cause conflicts with other mods.

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Tweak your mouse Mod Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1/1.4.7

This mod will help us manipulate computer mouse while playing Minecraft. Have you ever tired of right clicking while creating oven, cabinets or anything? This mod solve this problem! Just hold your right mouse button in an inventory slot and drag the mouse to the other.
How to use:
Configuration file:. Minecraft / config / mod_MouseTweaks.cfg
EnableRMBTweak = 1
Hold your right mouse button:
Drag your mouse around the crafting grid:
You can even drag your mouse on top of existing blocks:
Config setting:
  • EnableLMBTweakWithItem=1
Hold your left mouse button:
Drag your mouse across the inventory:
Hold shift and drag:
Config setting:
  • EnableLMBTweakWithoutItem=1
Hold your left mouse button and shift at the same time, without grabbing anything: (Mouse cursor is not visible for some reason)
Drag your mouse across the inventory: (Mouse cursor is not visible for some reason)
How to install:
Install or ModLoader or Minecraft Forge.
Drop the zip file of your mod mods folder.
for 1.5.2
for 1.5.1
for 1.4.7

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Better Bows Mod 1.5.1/1.5.2

Better Bows - This mod adds a new provision, the different types of new arrows, arrows and quivers to hold and allows you to easily switch between shooting arrows. This mod does not replace supply vanilla, so if you want to use from this offer, you will have to craft them. Supply vanilla creating formulas are removed, however, and the formula for the provision of normal skin to change the buffer on the chain, supply list below. The provision of this mod is meant to be used with quivers, no straight arrow in your inventory, because you can Nock with quivers of arrows faster and switch between them more convenient.

Installation Instructions:

Before installing any mods make sure to play Minecraft

Download one of the following settings (no difference they are the same, just different packaging) Once downloaded, double click the installer and click the "Install Mod". When the installation is done it will display a message that the mod is installed. Then simply close the installer and start your Minecraft. The mod has been installed, you do not have to do anything else

Request new Forge than It will crash if you install an older version.

Download Better Bows 1.5.1/1.5.2

The new features: 1.5

Quivers can now be dyed.
Quivers returned on the back (if installed RenderPlayer API) of the player.
Language support has been added (additional languages ​​to date: Poland and the Pirate talk).
Add a configuration option to allow vanilla torch is set to be overwritten with the code placed torches brick units (default is off).
Other changes:

Internal organization of the source file, will cause a series of inappropriate products.
Increased damage from the arrows and durability of composite bow.
Reduce the chance of reproductive medicine skeleton of poisoned arrows.
Hope significant improvement in the supply of drugs on the same arrow.
Make a choice to make configuration changes knockback arrow 'in the armor of any mob or player is hit.
Add a configuration option to make the skeleton was not born with drugs arrows.
Add a configuration option to set a vertical offset for run hotbar.
Bug fixed:

Entity tile paint ball player's torch while sneaking.
Splash drug particles / sound effects play arrow twice (once on the client and once for a data packet from the server).
Collapsed reduce vibration when your last.
The camera position changes in IFP entity torch caused tiles to not break when hitting it at the right angle.

Download Better Bows 1.5/1.5.2
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Mamba Craft Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1

Mamba Craft texture pack is based on misas and texture packs john smith texture pack. So, it will bring up any memory in misas and john smith texture pack. For a resolution of 32x, this package is enough to get a high quality HD package. Thanks to the development, structure blackmamba674 for this great package.
Image quality in the package gives us entirely new level of surreal world of Minecraft adventures. The enhanced dynamic range of view to make us feel at home. As is the nature of life and its explorers.

We have always been a great explorer. In any way of excitement and joy, I wish you a very good game and have fun.
Mamba Craft Texture Pack Install:

To use the HD texture pack properly (32 × and higher), you will need to either patch your Minecraft MCPatcher use or use OptiFine. Optifine is preferred because it includes all the features of MCPatcher, and significantly increases the speed of the game and the graphics settings. MCPatcher tend to be updated on the same day as Minecraft update, so instead of using it if you are in a hurry.

Download or MCPatcher or OptiFine. If you have downloaded OptiFine, skip to step 3.
For MCPatcher: Run mcpatcher-XXXjar file and continue to click "patch".
For Optifine: Install OptiFine like any other mod - By opening minecraft.jar, and put the class files from the zip file within Optifine ..

Download the Prime Mamba Minecraft Texture packs

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THX Helicopter Mod Minecraft

Minecraft community is in control of how awesome this mod will become. After you download the mod you can use and develop it however you want. The thx helicopter mod for Minecraft is an open source project that allows you to edit a helicopter pretty easy to fly about the game. Being that this is an open source project.

There are other simple controls to alter the direction and strength of you, but you will learn fairly quickly. You can fly throughout the game, navigate through caves and tunnels my car is good, but you should remember that you can do damage and death if you are not careful. Control for the helicopter is pretty easy, you have to click to put one down, and right-click. Helicopters also like my car, but with a view blades and cockpit cool. That makes flying better than carting around Minecraft is that you do not need coal fly. Once you're in, the space bar is used up, turn left to go down, forward is the key W.
If you manually many helicopter and shoot at them when they become your allies, and basically reflect your actions, including firing missiles at your enemies. If you shoot a helicopter twice it will become your enemy, and therefore will attack you. There are many different types of missiles, including air-to-air missiles and missiles. Another great feature that you'll find in this mod is that you can create a helicopter fleet of allies or enemies.
Whether you just need to use the helicopter that had mod or this mod developed to its full potential, the choice is yours. Either way, this mod will give you a new, really cool and easy to get around and will add hours of entertainment and gaming.
How to install:
Download the latest version of Modloader
Download the most recent version of  THX Helicopter Mod
Type% appdata%
Opening. Minecraft / bin
Open Minecraft average.
Delete the META INF folder
Drag in the Modloader files
Go. Minecraft / mods
Drag the folder helicopter to THX / mods

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Get Adobe Flash Player
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The Ben and Jerry’s Mod Minecraft 1.5.2

If you have any questions you want to eat ice cream? Certainly not anyone love you. Have you ever wanted to add something new, funny and equally frigid in Minecraft? This mod gives you all sorts of new Ben and Jerry's icecreams, cream cream Rosered to Wither. The mod is SMP compatible.


Download and install Minecraft Forge
Download Ben and Jerry Mod
Place of Ben and Jerry's Mod zip file into. Minecraft / mods / folder of your. Do not extract it.
Statement of changes:


Fixed minor bugs
Wolves can now eat ice cream

Download The Ben and Jerry’s Mod 

Download The Ben and Jerry’s Mod 

Download The Ben and Jerry’s Mod 
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Tiny Mythology Mod 1.4.7

We must be ready and in the company to survive and protect the world of our very own. Myths small awaits you. There are files below and follow the recorded instructions for installation. All right, lets get this done right away and have an explosive adventure. Good Luck.

Finally, a mod modloader. Myths have a small little mod to the next level, encouraging them with surprising tricks, abilities, attributes and even magic. Mod 8 additional mutations only in the game for your adventure.
With this mod, our world will be full of life and excitement, as our world is big enough to fit the thrills and action. This will be a war in the overwhelming number of mutations.
The Centaur
  • Unit type: Light Cavalry
  • Attack: Low
  • Health: Average
  • Speed: Fast
  • Follow Item: Gold Nugget
The Centaur is a unit which is specialized in taking out other cavalry. This is very helpfull when fighting larger armies and preventing yours from being flanked by enemy cavalry. He is also a hunter, meaning he will hunt down all animals. This might be helpfull sometimes, but beware, he might get distracted if a chicken suddenly enters the battlefield. Also, the Centaur is unable to take out siege units.
The Centaur scroll is crafted like in the picture below :
The Rock Troll
  • Unit type: Siege unit
  • Attack: High
  • Health: High
  • Speed: Slow
  • Follow Item: Smooth Stone Block
The Rock Troll is a unit which is specialized in taking out enemy infantry at a fast rate. This is very helpfull when fighting larger armies and preventing yours from being overrun by infantry. Also, the Rock Troll is immume to Fire, but beware. The Rock Troll might be strong, yet very slow.
The Rock Troll scroll is crafted like in the picture below :
The Berserker
  • Unit type: Light Infantry
  • Attack: Low
  • Health: Low
  • Speed: Average
  • Follow Item: Stone Axe
The Berserker is a unit which is specialized in overwhelming the enemy army. This is very helpfull when fighting smaller groups and preventing your ranged units from being attacked by the enemy. The Berserker could be seen as the ”basic” Evil unit, just like the Hoplite is to the forces of Good.
The Berserker scroll is crafted like in the picture below :
The Ent
  • Unit type: Heavy Infantry
  • Attack: High
  • Health: low
  • Speed: Average
  • Follow Item: Stick
The Ent is a unit which is specialized in taking out enemy siege units. This is very helpfull when fighting larger armies and preventing your infantry from being attacked by siege units. The Ent is a very strong infantry unit, but his health is surprisingly low, just like his fire resistance.
The Ent scroll is crafted like in the picture below :
The Hoplite
  • Unit type: Light Infantry
  • Attack: Low
  • Health: Low
  • Speed: Average
  • Follow Item: Apple
The Hoplite is a unit which is specialized in overwhelming the enemy army. This is very helpfull when fighting smaller groups and preventing your ranged units from being attacked by the enemy. The Hoplite could be seen as the ”basic” Good unit, just like the Berserker is to the forces of Evil.
The Hoplite is crafted like in the picture below :
The Orc
  • Unit type: Medium Infantry
  • Attack: Low
  • Health: Very High
  • Speed: Average
  • Follow Item: Bone
The Orc is a unit which is specialized in taking out enemy siege and ranged units. This is very helpfull when fighting large armies and preventing yours from being destroyed by siege units. The Orc is amazingly tough to kill, this allows him to move close to the siege and ranged units without getting killed.
The Orc is crafted like in the picture below :
The Scout
  • Unit type: Light Cavalry
  • Attack: Low
  • Health: Average
  • Speed: Very Fast
  • Follow Item: Flint
The Scout is a unit which is specialized in surprise attacks and distracting. This is very helpfull when the enemy army keeps getting reinforcements, and you just want to take care of them. The Scout is a very fast unit, but its health and attacks are not the best, its better not to use them for flanking the enemy.
The Scout is crafted like in the picture below :
The Sand Brute
  • Unit type: Medium Infantry
  • Attack: Average
  • Health: High
  • Speed: Average
  • Follow Item: Sand Block
The Sand Brute is specialized in holding of infantry and taking damage from ranged units and siege. This is very helpfull when the enemy army is trying to take down your heavy infantry using fire and Siege. Also, the Sand Brute is immume to Fire..
The Sand Brute is crafted like in the picture below :
The Global command Tablets
As you might have noticed, every unit has its own ”Follow item”.
What this means is that you have full control over where your troops go and whether they should stop fighting or not.(They stop fighting when tempted with a Follow item)
Now, you are probably wondering, what if i want all my units to follow me to the battlefield? (OR you want to retreat from battle!) No problem! Since i made some magical clay tablets which allow you to do so. The Holy Clay Tablet controls the forces of Good, The Cursed Clay Tablet controls the forces of Evil. Once again very simple.
The scroll is crafted like in the picture below :
Holy Clay Tablet
Cursed Clay Tablet
  • Added Sand Brutes
  • Added New Id’s
  • Changed Black Rider to Scout
  1. Download and install Modloader
  2. Delete META-INF file
  3. Download Tiny Mythology Mod
  4. Drag and drop files from “Tiny Mythology Mod” into “Minecraft.jar”
  5. Close “Minecraft.jar”
  6. You are ready to play

ModLoader for Minecraft 1.4.7/1.4.6

A mod manager, that stops conflicts with mods that alter rendering, recipes, add entities, gui, smeltables or fuel.
For you, a modder, feel free to decompile this and learn how to make mods work with it. Inherit BaseMod and override any methods as necessary.
The mod’s main class file should be prefixed with ‘mod_’. Read the Javadoc for information on methods available.
(and don’t forget to get the download link for the mod below) Cheers.
  • 1) Open up %appdata%, if you don’t know how to do this, start>run, then type in %appdata%
  • 2) Browse to .minecraft/bin
  • 3) Open up minecraft.jar with WinRAR or 7zip.
  • 4) Drag and drop the necessary files into the jar.
  • 5) Delete the META-INF folder in the jar.
  • 6) Run Minecraft, enjoy
  • 1) Go to Applications>Utilities and open terminal.
  • 2) Type in the following, line by line:
cd ~
mkdir mctmp
cd mctmp
jar xf ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar

  • 3) Outside of terminal, copy all the files and folders into the mctmp directory.
  • 4) Back inside terminal, type in the following:
jar uf ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar ./
cd ..
rm -rf mctmp

  • 5) Run Minecraft, enjoy!
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