Minecraft 1.5.2 Clean Design Texture Pack

The structure is simple but very effective design books! Pretty self explanatory, clean design is a texture pack is made ​​by Shortstuf7 that makes all the textures look very clean. Making the world look more flat (if possible in Minecraft!) And quite a bit more fun. It is a very happy feeling to it that I love. Not to mention, all the monsters look so cute! I think this package is good for this kind of building OCD. The package looks very nice with this and ... good cleaner! Shortstuf7 certainly do a great job on making Minecraft a lot more fun and clean!

Structural my favorite in this package would be; 1: glowstone lights! You can see them in the picture above ... they look great, I love them! 2: Glass! I love how the glass border that looks like wood, is very effective in my opinion. My structure is not only a big fan of the rock, seems a little to flat in my opinion, but other then that the package is amazing!
How to Design a clean install Texture Pack 3.0 for Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.6
Download Clean Design texture pack
Pull Zip folder structure of your package ..
Enjoy the pack!

Download Clean Design Texture Pack (16x)

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