Download Minecraft Mod Mutant Creatures 1.6.2

 Minecraft Download Mod Mutant Creatures - HippoMaster professor accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction ... Chemical X! Thus, the mutant is born! This mod also adds Creeper Minion, like wolves and cats, love your creepers will follow you around quanh.Thuoc gun ... Spice ... And everything nice. These are the ingredients chosen to create the perfect love creeper.
Request the AnimationAPI
Locate .minecraft
Posted Image Click Start and type %appdata% into the Search area
Posted Image Click the folder that is called Roaming
Posted Image Find the folder inside called .minecraft
Posted Image Move the mod zip file to .minecraft/mods (DO NOT EXTRACT unless you're admiring my files)
Posted Image Play!
Author thehippomaster21
Download Mod Mutant Creatures 1.6.2
Download Mod Mutant Creatures 1.5.2
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Download Minecraft Mod Improved First Person 1.6.2

Improved First Person This mod makes you feel like a boss while you're running. Could see his hands move as you are actually running really cool. Does it bother you that you have a disembodied hand in the first.

What about the fact that you can only see a very small part of your skin afterwards. This mod makes the third person to play your demonstration of the first, so no more disembodied hands. That's not the only reason you might want this mod, though. In addition, provision is held in your left hand (but in fact right handed archer), which is also pretty epic feel and comfort.
Your note: This mod is a coremod, and it also requires the RenderPlayer API and Kes5219's utils mod (link in the files page for the download).
Install Minecraft Forge.
Place the file inside the. Improve your download in first. Minecraft / coremods /.
Set in utils Kes5219 average in the same folder ..
Install API RenderPlayer by placing the contents of the zip of it in minecraft.jar
New features:
Added a config file with the option to adjust the amount of leaning when looking down.
Other changes:
Made the player lean significantly less when looking down.
Made the right arm stay pointing towards a bow when using the bow looking down.
Fixed the glitch where when you walk to the left or backward while using a bow you shake around a bunch.
Made the player walk backwards properly, instead of turning to an extreme angle while moving backwards.
Bugs fixed:
Vanilla first person hand rotating when looking down.
Download Improved First Person 1.6.2r2 (fixed for Forge 832+) Updated 25 August 2013
Download Improved First Person 1.5.2r2
Download Improved First Person 1.5.1r1
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Download Mod Nugget 1.6.2

Sword Nugget's life, but the biscuits Nugget is pretty amazing

Chicken Nugget (Edible)
Nugget in a Biscuit (Edible)
Nugget Block (Spawns Naturally)
Mashed Potatoes (Edible)
BarBeQue Sauce (Edible) (Will be made into something later)
Nugget Dipped in Mashed Potatoes (Edible)

Requires Forge

Download Instructions:

1.) Install The Nugget Mod

2.) Install Forge

3.) Start Minecraft so it can generate all forge files

4.) Put everything included in this mod in your mods folder

5.) Start Minecraft and play Single Player


How to craft Nuggets and Stuff:

Chicken Nugget:


Nugget in a Biscuit


Nugget Block:


Mashed Potatoes:


Nugget Sword:


BarBeQue Sauce:


Nugget Dipped in Mashed Potatoes:


 Download Mod Nugget 1.6.2 
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Download Minecraft Mod Divine Smoker 1.6.2

Divine Smoker - Waterpipe Mod you can manually water pipes and use them to draw the various components to achieve special powers . You can even smoke the magic potion instead of water to achieve more efficient .
But be careful not to smoke too much or drink potions combined with medication , or you will risk nausea and poisoning ! Smoke a pipe , you have to load it with water , components of tobacco and coal first . Then you need to right click on the pipes with flint and steel . Have you ever wanted to expand the alchemical laboratory of you ? Enjoy peaceful moments with friends ? Or wider array of magical effect on your mind ? Then this mod is for you ! One of the bottom water.

You can use either water bottles or magic pill . If you use drugs , you get drug effects in addition to effects of tobacco . There are three slots in the pipes. First is coal . You can use both coal and coal . Then the nausea starts . If you continue to smoke , you'll eventually go blind and nearly poisoned . Pipe requires solid mass underneath . Every time you use the pipe , it turns to face you . One of the components is for cigarettes . View Cigarette tab for all different tobacco and their effects .
Effective drugs will have a better performance level , but during the validity period will be reduced by one third ( If you smoke drugs used to my speed , time 3:00 , you 'll get up to speed II 2:00 ) . If you smoke while other effects are still active ( you just drinked smoke or magic potion ) , you will get hungry . If you continue to smoke , hunger will become worse.

Authors: _Reaper_
Change log
1.03 - Bugfix from RC1, flint and steel gets damaged after being used to light up water pipe
1.02RC1 - Fixed bug with entity not registering properly on server, resulting in water pipes disappearing after server shutdown, leaving glitched empty blocks.
1.02 - Using shift when transferring items from player inventory to water pipe will not destroy whole itemstack(You will not loose your items now when you use shift)
1.01 - Water pipe will be rotated towards player on placing instead of rotating each time player uses it.
1.00 - Initial release
Download Mod Divine Smoker 1.6.2
Download Mod Divine Smoker 1.5.2
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Download Minecraft Mod The Dirtbike 1.6.2

Author sheenrox82 share to the global community Minecraft. This mod made ​​a dirtbike blue (colors done later) into Minecraft as a means of better transportation. Looking forward to receiving your cheers!
Posted Image
Posted Image
How to make the dirtbike frame (any color cloth will do)
Posted Image
How to make the dirtbike engine:
Posted Image
Put these pieces together in this order and bam!
Posted Image
Install dirtbike:
It's that simple! Make sure you follow the recipe to create the above, and when you get dirtbike, right click on the ground with it and bam!
But wait! How do I get it back?
Shift and right click on the bike!
Download the latest installation from fake and run the installer
Put this mod in the / mods / folder in Minecraft.
Download Mod The Dirtbike 1.6.2
Source:  Minecraft Download - Download Free Mods
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Minecraft Download Mod Painting Selection Gui 1.6.2

This mod adds the command "/painting" which opens up the selection Gui when looking at a painting
From the Gui, you can select which painting/art you want to appear


Download the Forge installer
If desired, backup your saves.
Run the Forge installer
Paste the GuiLib zip file into your mods folder
Paste the PaintingSelectionGui zip file into your mods folder.
In order to play the Forge version, you need to change your profile on the new minecraft launcher to the "Forge" one

Download Requires Minecraft Forge
Download Requires GuiLib- current v1.0.6
Painting Selection Gui v1.6.2.3
Download Older versions (requires GuiLib)
Painting Selection Gui v1.6.2.2
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Download Mod Forestry 1.6.2

Forestry deals with farming, renewable energy production as well as the breeding of trees, bees and butterflies in Minecraft. Author SirSengir this upgrade version 1.6.2 to receive and invite people to share transportation with us this Mod okay.

Automatic Farms
Bee breeding
Tree breeding
Intelligent Backpacks
Mail System
Energy Production
Compatibility with several mods, most notably Buildcraft, IndustrialCraft 2 and Railcraft.
Change log
Bugfix: Fixed issue which caused items ejected into BuildCraft pipes to disappear.
Bugfix: Fixed a stacking issue which could occur after analyzing bees, saplings and/or butterflies.
Bugfix: Fixed hopper interaction on the fermenter.
Bugfix: Fixed crafting results slots in carpenter and fabricator not showing products.
Bugfix: Fixed a rainmaker crash.
Bugfix: Fixed stairs rendering incorrectly when held in hand.
Localizations: Several updates by contributors
Download Mod Forestry 1.6.2 Updated
Download Mod Forestry 1.5.2
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