ShadowWand Mod

Just like Minecraft Skins, Minecraft Mods, Minecraft Maps,  Minecraft Texture Packs, You seem to get so bored with some Minecraft mods you have ever used. Would you like to take part in extremely modern and great new games as well as experience the exciting atmostphere that you have never tried before? I guess all of you cannot wait more for these wonderful things. Let’s get started to join these games and I will show you how easy it is to find out the other Minecraft mods. All of you are welcomed to visit my blog and take a look LOL…

Heeey this is a plugin for mc 1.7.2 called shadow wand
-Launch - Launch your target into the air!
-Leap - Fly to where you point your mouse!
-Comet - Set your target on fire!
-Explosive - Make a big firework trail with an explosion!
-Explode - Make a big explosion!
-Bloedblock - Place a redstone block an launch it with great effects!
-Confuse - Gives your target a Nauseau potion effect!
-LittleSpark - Do a little amout of damage with a firework effect!
-Spark - Do a some damage with a firework effect!
-Thunderstorm - Create a huge circle of firework and thunder your enemy's!
-LightningArrow - Shoot an arrow with firework effects and lightning!
-Escape - Jump into the air with great effects en create an explosion!
-Flamethrower - Make fire where you point your mouse!
-Capture - Get somebody on your head with great effects!

Added V1.1
-Jump - Jump into the air and fly back like a huge comet!
-PoisonWave - Fire a wave of poison to your target!
-EnderEgg - Jump into the air and land on a Ender Egg! (Try to sneak!)
-BloodSpark - Do some damage with the bloodmagie!
-BloodWave - A big trail of effects, it hurts!
The Command /bloedmagie (BloodMagic) gives you netherwart with a couple spells

Credit: SkyGamesInc


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