Minecraft Skins: Christmas and New Year 2014

Minecraft Skins. How do you feel if your charaters have very new and fashionable skins in many games of Minecraft at this Christmas and up-coming Tet holiday? It will be really fun. Now let me make it come true. I am so excited to be with you in every Minecraft game! :-D
Minecraft Mods. Just like Skins, you seem to get so bored with some Minecraft mods you have ever used. Would you like to take part in extremely modern and great new games as well as experience the exciting atmostphere that you have never tried before? I guess all of you cannot wait more for these wonderful things. Let’s get started to join these games and I will show you how easy it is to find out the other Minecraft mods.
Minecraft Maps. Hmmm… In Minecraft, I like this part most. Do you know why? Well, as you can see, Maps Minecraft is so great because you cannot discover any challenge in every game without Maps Minecraft. The wonderful. Minecraft Maps usually interest me so much but my PC configuration is not suitable. LOL…! However , I do not give up even no matter hard it is. Now I have much more Maps Minecraft than ever after a long time discovering. All of you are welcomed to visit my blog and take a look at these Maps Minecraft. LOL… All is for everyone who are keen on Maps Minecraft. I really hope our Minecraft community will gradually become greater and happier in near future.
Minecraft Texture Packs. I rarely search about it , but I also have many Minecraft Texture Packs to share with you. :D
Christmas and New Year are together coming! minecraftfreemods.net Wish you all happiness and best luck! I hope these great holidays will bring us millions of reasons to smile in life! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!
Everything will finally be alright! Wish you a successful life! Your all
dreams will definitely come true! <3


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BTWTweak 1.5.2

This is a mod for Better Than Wolvesmod.
It is developed independently of Better Than Wolves and has no affiliation with its author.
Being a set of patches instead of modified class files Currently it adds various tweaks to improve and further polish up the gameplay.

What's changed?
Since PMC formatting goes crazy when I try to post the changelog here, please see the changes here:
Particular things to note
- Before installing the tweak, make sure your cauldrons and crucibles don't contain any items, since the tweak reduces their inventory to 9 slots, your current items in there may irreversibly disappear.
- Backup your worlds!
- If playing on a server, both server and client must have this mod installed.
1. Create a new folder
2. Put BTWTweak.jar in it
3. Put minecraft.jar (or minecraft_server.jar) with BTW already installed in it
4. Run BTWTweak.jar: double-click or use the command line: "java -jar BTWTweak.jar"
5. Select the file to patch in BTWTweak (for minecraft.jar: type "c" - press Enter)
6. If patch is successful, delete the original minecraft.jar and rename minecraft_tweak.jar to minecraft.jar
7. Use the patched minecraft.jar to play, enjoy!
Windows users: if double-clicking doesn't work for you:
- uncheck WinRAR file association for .jar extension, and/or reinstall Java

Credits: Grom PE

Minecraft Download

Patcher for BTWTweak v0.6a for BTW 4.8911 for Minecraft 1.5.2

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Minecraft Mods Craft Cards 1.6.4

Craft cards is a very simple mod that adds simple items called Craft Cards. By themselves, they aren’t very special. However, when used on the handy Card Stamper, you can encode recipes onto them. Once a recipe is encoded, just have the right materials in your inventory and right click with the card in hand. It will instantly craft the item using the items in your inventory without the need of a work bench.

Simply put, you place a blank Craft Card in the slot on the far left, then use the crafting Grid to give it a recipes. The new encoded card will appear on the far right side and should also have the name of the item you will eventually craft.

Works with most other mods as well =P

Once you have your Craft Card, simply have the required items for the recipe in your inventory and right-click with the card in hand. The card will, however, be consumed in the process.
If you have a card you didn’t use or would no longer want a certain recipe encoded on it, simply throw the encoded card in any crafting grid to retrieve a fresh new card again!

Craft Cards Mod

Shapeless Recipe
If you want to keep those extra cards, craft yourself a card bag and take them with you an a convenient storage bag.

Craft Card
Shapeless Recipe
Craft Cards Mod
The main item of the mod.
Shapeless Recipe
Craft Cards Mod
Used in creating Craft Cards
Simple Cloth
Shapeless Recipe
Craft Cards Mod
Used in the creation of Card Bags
Card Bag
Shaped Recipe
Craft Cards Mod
Use it to store your cards on the go.
Card Stamper
Shaped Recipe
Craft Cards Mod
A special Crafting Table that is used in conjunction to the Craft Card. Also doubles as a crafting table that doesn’t drop your items when you exit it.

How to install 

Download and install Minecraft Forge
Download and install LomLib
Drag and drop the downloaded jar file into the .minecraft/mods folder. If one does not exist you can create one.

Craft Cards Mods 1.6.4
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Minecraft Mods Super Creepers 1.6.4 No Forge

It's been over a year since SuperCreeper's release! Woo!!!!

Like normal, it still has:
Huge Explosions
Increased Health
Diamond as a drop.

It's been over a year since SuperCreeper's release! Woo!!!!
They Only Explode The Size Of Normal Creepers, I Didnt Want To Make It TOO Hard
It Has The Health Of 2 enderdragons. oops
should i make it weaker?
Super Creepers (1.6.4 Update) (No Forge!)

Minecraft free download Mods Super Creepers 1.6.4
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Minecraft mods BossCraft 2

Bosscraft 2 is a Minecraft Modification that adds in 6 new Monsters and 5 new Bosses into your Minecraft world. By killing the normal Monsters, that spawn in different Biomes you get Orbs that can be used to spawn each Biome Boss. To summon a Boss you need 20 orbs (for example 20 Forest Orbs) and a Scroll that can be crafted.

Get ready for extremely difficult and dangerous Boss Battles!

Scorpions spawn in deserts and have the ability to poison you. They often spawn in groups which makes them pretty dangerous for lost adventurers. They drop Desert Orbs on death.

Rogues can be found in Plains and Forest biomes. They are fast and deadly and often attack in groups. There are also Rogues that know how to use a bow so killing them alone might be hard.

Creepy Blocks that can be found in Mountain Biomes are extremely dangerous. When they land they create an explosion that can kill you instantly! Stay away from these guys unless you have some sort of ranged weapon to fight them.

Watch out for Fire Warrios once you entered the Nether. These guys spawn usually alone but sometimes they team up on you and get extremely dangerous!

At night things get even more creepier. There are Wraiths that follow you. They can give you wither potion effects and disappear when you attack them.

Each Boss fight is unique and you need a special strategy to kill them. Full Diamond armor is recommended.

Each Boss has some Special attacks that can be pretty dangerous if you're not careful.

BossCraft 2 Mod8
Some Bosses spawn Minions to help them.

Each Boss has a 100% chance to drop a specific weapon. All these weapons have different abilities and benefits

You can also use the weapons of each Boss to create a certain Soul that has unbelievable powers once you activate it. But if you don't deactivate it, the Soul becomes more and more unstable and finally kills you
Crafting Recipes
Here's a list of important Items in the Mod
Posted Image
These are Scrolls that can be used to summon a Boss. By rightclicking it consumes an Orb and after 20 Orbs it'll break an release the Boss.
Posted Image
These are the Orbs that are consumed by the Scrolls. You get them from killing the normal Biome Monsters
Posted Image
The Fire Sword is dropped by the Nether Boss and sets Monsters on fire.
Posted Image
The Midnight Scythe can heal you if you rightclick it. You need to hit a Mob 20 times until you can heal again.
Posted Image
The Desert Staff shoots fire bullets when rightclicked. They set Monsters on fire and create fire on ground.
Posted Image
The Rogue Dagger can summon the arrow Rain when rightclicked.

Posted Image
The Sky Hammer launches Monsters in the air when attacked.
Souls can be activated when they're rightclicked and can be deactivated the same way.
Posted Image
The Soul of Lightness lets you jump extremely high and lets you fall slowly on the ground.
Posted Image
The Soul of Power gives you Strength III boost
Posted Image
The Soul of Swiftness gives you Speed III Boost
Posted Image
The Soul of Fire makes you immune to Fire
Posted Image
The soul of the Undead spawns lightning all around you killing everything nearby.
Mountain Scroll
Posted Image
Desert Scroll
Posted Image
Darkness Scroll
Posted Image
Fire Scroll
Posted Image
Forest Scroll
Posted Image
Soul of Swiftness
Posted Image
Soul of Power
Posted Image
Soul of Lightness
Posted Image
Soul of Fire
Posted Image
Soul of the Undead
Posted Image

Install on Client:
Download this Mod
Download the Forge installer if you don't have forge
Run the forge installer and install forge
Go to your Minecraft directory (%appdata%, Roaming, .minecraft)
Put this .zip file in the mods folder

Minecraft mods Bosscraft 1.0.2/1.6.4
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Minecraft maps Pumpkin Quest 1.6.2

About this map. Join sky, fluffy, and the benja as they take on this exciting adventure map! From boss battles to grappling hook challenges!. This map is gonna be a doozy!

Minecraft maps Pumpkin Quest

Map Rules:

- DON’T climb over the walls of the map to forbidden areas!
- DON’T break blocks, unless you accidentally place an item that is essential, then you may change your game mode and break it.
3) You should need to use commands, but you can do things like teleport to a friend who is ahead of you.

When entering a portal, DO NOT MOVE. this may break the map for you
Don’t use the horses to parkour, they’re just a form of transport.
The horses aren’t needed.
Play on any mode but peaceful
Things to note:

In this map you’ll have to set certain gamerules for it to work. These are those rules:

/gamerule commandBlockOutput false
/gamerule doDaylightCycle false
/gamerule doFireTick false
/gamerule doMobSpawning false
/gamerule keepInventory true
/gamerule mobGriefing false
Just enter these commands into the chat (if you’re opped) and the map should work just fine. ALSO: If you spawn somewhere you shouldn’t be, do /tp @a -8 48 86

This map can be played in any resource pack.

How to install Pumpkin Quest Map for Minecraft:

Download the map
Go to %appdata%
Go to .minecraft
Go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves
Drag map folder into it
Start minecraft
Play it

Minecraft download maps Pumpkin Quest 1.6.2
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Minecraft mods Forestry 1.6.4/1.5.2

Forestry deals with farming, renewable energy production as well as the breeding of trees, bees and butterflies in Minecraft.

Minecraft mods Forestry 1.6.4

Several addons for Forestry have been released by other people. They can add new functionality to Forestry or improve compatibility with other mods.

                                                               Minecraft mods Forestry 1.5.2

Compatibility with several mods, most notably Buildcraft, IndustrialCraft 2 and Railcraft.

Notable features

Automatic Farms
Bee breeding
Tree breeding
Intelligent Backpacks
Mail System
Energy Production

Change log Forestry
- Change: Cut fuel values in 1/4 to align with Railcraft, IndustrialCraft standards. (From CovertJaguar) Config values available. - Change: Making Hive spawning depend directly on Biome's temperature/humidity rather than relying on cached values. Should allow hives to spawn correctly with other biome mods such as Highlands. - Bugfix: Adding null checks to avoid an NPE in EntityBeeFX - Bugfix: Breaking a Farm block causes a block update. This should prevent floating levers and torches. - Bugfix: Adding null checks in Letter code to avoid an NPE if the item is spam-right-clicked. - Bugfix: Frames are no longer enchantable to prevent misleading enchantments on frames. (They were never checked anyway.) - Bugfix: Multifarm Hatch should now respect ISidedInventory - Bugfix: Preventing NPEs while listening for OreDictionary registrations that come "too soon" - Bugfix: TileHatch should now respect ISidedInventory when outputting items to an adjacent inventory. - Added: Squeezer recipes for Natura barley & cotton seeds -> Seed oil at same rate as wheat seeds. - Added: Squeezer recipes for Natura berries (Overworld & Nether varieties) -> Fruit Juice at 1/25th rate as Apples - API: Adding methods for converting from Minecraft raw temperature/rainfall into EnumTemperature & EnumHumidity -> Note: Will not affect mod compatability.

Information full installation

Minecraft mods forestry-A-
Minecraft mods forestry-A-
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