BTWTweak 1.5.2

This is a mod for Better Than Wolvesmod.
It is developed independently of Better Than Wolves and has no affiliation with its author.
Being a set of patches instead of modified class files Currently it adds various tweaks to improve and further polish up the gameplay.

What's changed?
Since PMC formatting goes crazy when I try to post the changelog here, please see the changes here:
Particular things to note
- Before installing the tweak, make sure your cauldrons and crucibles don't contain any items, since the tweak reduces their inventory to 9 slots, your current items in there may irreversibly disappear.
- Backup your worlds!
- If playing on a server, both server and client must have this mod installed.
1. Create a new folder
2. Put BTWTweak.jar in it
3. Put minecraft.jar (or minecraft_server.jar) with BTW already installed in it
4. Run BTWTweak.jar: double-click or use the command line: "java -jar BTWTweak.jar"
5. Select the file to patch in BTWTweak (for minecraft.jar: type "c" - press Enter)
6. If patch is successful, delete the original minecraft.jar and rename minecraft_tweak.jar to minecraft.jar
7. Use the patched minecraft.jar to play, enjoy!
Windows users: if double-clicking doesn't work for you:
- uncheck WinRAR file association for .jar extension, and/or reinstall Java

Credits: Grom PE

Minecraft Download

Patcher for BTWTweak v0.6a for BTW 4.8911 for Minecraft 1.5.2

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