Animal Bikes Mod

It's fun and great when our game looks amazing and adventurous in any way. Dominate our world like a boss while walking around the land, hunting monsters and even our resource collection. All the games will be a very luxurious and full of fun
With the mod, we will be able to take any animals during their game at. It was very interesting and fun. What's more, this is a Minecraft mod allows many of us riding animals along with the others.

Do not worry, your riding will never be exhausted.
Customers singleplayer
Locate your folder. Minecraft
Run Minecraft (not logged in)
Press option
Click the link to the game location on disk
download Modloader
Open. Minecraft / bin / minecraft.jar with winrar (or something similar)
Extract all files from the minecraft.jar
Delete the META-INF in minecraft.jar
Run Minecraft and log in to check if it is working so far
A folder. Minecraft / mods should have been created when you run it
Download Animal Bikes Modloader and put customers in the zip folder. Minecraft / mods (not unzip it)
Customers singleplayer will not work on the server animalbikes more
Now that you have installed the Animal Bikes Mod
There are no SMP. You can play on a LAN
Recorder v1.5 changes:
More Chinese dragon bike
Download animal mod for 1.5 :
For 1.5
For 1.4.7/1.4.6
For 1.4.5

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