Better Bows Mod 1.5.1/1.5.2

Better Bows - This mod adds a new provision, the different types of new arrows, arrows and quivers to hold and allows you to easily switch between shooting arrows. This mod does not replace supply vanilla, so if you want to use from this offer, you will have to craft them. Supply vanilla creating formulas are removed, however, and the formula for the provision of normal skin to change the buffer on the chain, supply list below. The provision of this mod is meant to be used with quivers, no straight arrow in your inventory, because you can Nock with quivers of arrows faster and switch between them more convenient.

Installation Instructions:

Before installing any mods make sure to play Minecraft

Download one of the following settings (no difference they are the same, just different packaging) Once downloaded, double click the installer and click the "Install Mod". When the installation is done it will display a message that the mod is installed. Then simply close the installer and start your Minecraft. The mod has been installed, you do not have to do anything else

Request new Forge than It will crash if you install an older version.

Download Better Bows 1.5.1/1.5.2

The new features: 1.5

Quivers can now be dyed.
Quivers returned on the back (if installed RenderPlayer API) of the player.
Language support has been added (additional languages ​​to date: Poland and the Pirate talk).
Add a configuration option to allow vanilla torch is set to be overwritten with the code placed torches brick units (default is off).
Other changes:

Internal organization of the source file, will cause a series of inappropriate products.
Increased damage from the arrows and durability of composite bow.
Reduce the chance of reproductive medicine skeleton of poisoned arrows.
Hope significant improvement in the supply of drugs on the same arrow.
Make a choice to make configuration changes knockback arrow 'in the armor of any mob or player is hit.
Add a configuration option to make the skeleton was not born with drugs arrows.
Add a configuration option to set a vertical offset for run hotbar.
Bug fixed:

Entity tile paint ball player's torch while sneaking.
Splash drug particles / sound effects play arrow twice (once on the client and once for a data packet from the server).
Collapsed reduce vibration when your last.
The camera position changes in IFP entity torch caused tiles to not break when hitting it at the right angle.

Download Better Bows 1.5/1.5.2

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