War and Magecraft Mod Minecraft 1.6.2/1.4.7/1.4.6

War and Magecraft brings you more weapons to Minecraft than the standard sword and bow. This mod brings you new "magic" staffs that never break, and will help you in battle by either shooting fireballs, fully heal you, or conjure a skeleton or a zombie to help you out for a little. There is also a Dart Gun that can shoot darts to help you out in battle. This mod also creates a new ruby ore that allows you to craft the staffs, and are as valuable as diamonds(and as hard to find). The weapons include:

Conjure Skeleton
Conjure Zombie
Conjure Blaze
Conjure Giant
Healing Staff
Ice Staff
Dart Gun
Blaze Staff
Fire Staff
Lightning Staff
Ice Spike Staff
Teleport staff
and more
Future Plans
more staffs (upgrades)
Other Info
This will eventually become multiplayer with a new game mode I will be programming into it that will be the server owner's choice to allow it or not (details later). There is also a page of this mod on Minecraft forums, and that has pics on it and more in detailed info on the weapons...
BETA 1.3 AND ABOVE requires Forge.
For Beta 1.2 and below it requires Mod loader.
Change Log
Beta 1.3 -Updated to forge 1.6.2 as well as added Ice Shard and Ice Ball (will be more applicable in the future)
Beta 1.1 - added in teleport staff and glass staff (works with 1.4.6 and 1.4.7)

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