Hunger Overhaul Mod Minecraft 1.5.2

Minecraft hungry after extensive work in real life is normal, when you eat after long hikes, swimming, or build something new, so why not in Minecraft ... That is the point of this mod. Hunger never thought that there would be more integral to survive? Forestry HarvestCraft + / Thaumcraft integration. Crops harvested without replanting. Integration HarvestCraft village. Backpacks New Forest. Note on the food items. And much more ...! This mod for you

Hunger Overhaul Mod for Minecraft doing more than one task is important, but not one that is made on the occasion. . Reduce your hunger much faster, and makes certain activities deplete your hunger because it would in real life. However, the people at large meal delivery, and harvest your crops.
Overhaul is hungry module, you can disable / modify most of the features in the configuration
HarvestCraft integration Village: HarvestCraft tree can now be found in the village
The plants found in this area will depend on the type of biome (plain, desert, etc.)
Also added to the field of water plants that only grow in the country (south Vietnamese rice and blueberries)
Also added sandy desert areas in the village containing cactus fruit
HarvestCraft integration Village: HarvestCraft food can now be traded
village farmers buy crop production
Butcher village grocer senior
HarvestCraft integration robbery chest: HarvestCraft food can now be found as treasures chest
Includes cabinets found in dungeons, mineshafts, desert / forest temple
Senior foods only (big meal and above)
The opportunity to be able to show the need to balance
Integration forestry States from PamsWeeeFlowers recognized by Ong Forestry
I think? Can not check properly, let me know if not
Integration forestry HarvestCraft grain / fruit can be squeezed squeezed in Forest
For grain and oil seeds for fruit juice (and a chance for coating)
Credit for the idea goes to DraxisWuf
Integration forestry HarvestCraft crops can be grown in many forest farms
crops (cucumbers, garlic, tomatoes, etc.) are developed using 'vegetable farm
Bushes (strawberries, grapes, kiwi, etc.) was developed using "farm crops'
Rotton crops are grown using "Infernal farm '
White mushrooms are developed using the "mushroom farms'
rice, blueberries and southern Vietnam all tree crops not included
Forestry see wiki for information on how to install and configure the farm
Integration forestry Farmers Backpack additional
can store and vanilla & HarvestCraft production
Crafted in the style backpack normal, except for wheat seeds on both sides
Currently there is no 2nd floor (woven) versions available
Only if HarvestCraft installed more
Forestry integration: HarvestCraft seedlings can be purchased from the villagers lumberjack Forestry
Thaumcraft integration: HarvestCraft trees can be harvested straw golem
These include planting trees, but you will need to provide a way for them to reach golem
Thaumcraft integration: Most HarvestCraft / WeeeFlowers items now respects
valuable aspects of food depends on its value added food
Another reason to build higher food
Balancing the value of food supplements
prepared foods, such as living plants or meat food supplement half feet
cooked meat plant and a full complement feet
Such light meal (soup, toast, etc.) pipe about 2 feet additional hunger
Such an average meal (baked potatoes, hamburgers, etc.) supplemented hungry vacuum tube 3-4
additional large meal about 5 foot hose hungry
And so ...
Food from other mod nerf (quarter worth of food & saturation)
Ask 'modifyFoodStats' and 'modifyFoodValues' is true
can be configured with 'modFoodValueDivider' configuration
Tooltips on food
(See screenshots below for a preview)
The tooltip will give you a rough indication of the value of food and
saturation value of the food. For example, snacks, nutritious meals, etc.
New documents show interface when low on health / hunger
displayed in the upper left (health) and top right (hunger) angle
Color code warning system (white <yellow <red)
can be disabled in the configuration
Eat foods that provide a 'Well Fed effect increases health regen
larger the meal, and the effect will last
snacks (food value 4) = 40 seconds
Meal (food value 7) = 2 minutes
large meal (food value 10) = 4 minutes
Feast (Food value 14) = 8 minutes
The time stack, so if you eat 2 meals it will last 4 minutes
The added nutrients speed increases health by 33%
For example, instead of 8 seconds to heal a heart it will take 6 seconds
Only affects regen health facilities (one based on poverty level)
so if your hunger is low, you will still not healed
valid only if 'modifyFoodStats' is enabled in the configuration
Maximum stack size depends on the value of food-
larger the meal, the less you can do
Speed ​​depends on the value of eating food
larger the meal, the longer it takes to eat it
pieces and snacks can be eaten faster than in vanilla
snack is the same as vanilla
Trees take time to grow if planted in the wrong biome
by raising the default biome is wrong x4
Modifier (wrongBiomeRegrowthMultiplier) can be changed in the configuration
You can set the modifier to 1 to disable this feature
Seeds can now note that only the correct biomes to grow in
It provides the kind of biomes, rather than name specific biome
For example - "plants grow best: plain, forests, forest '
will also tell you what you need to block the planting of seeds (arable land, sand, etc.)
Plants may have to click when fully grown to harvest and replant
explantory true self. You right click, and products harvested crops remain
Plants developed only during the day (not the relay)
Be aware, right?
Trees take time to grow
This, combined with the above make scarce resources
Plants just planted the seeds back, no extras
You can still get punched by grass seed if you need more
The value placed on respawn hunger (including initial spawn) depending on difficulty
peace / = easy Similarly vanilla (10 legs)
Normal = 8 legs
hard = 6 legs
Ask 'modifyFoodStats' is true
can be configured in the configuration with the following settings;
respawnHungerValue (20): The value placed on a peaceful hunger / easy difficulty
respawnHungerDifficultyModifier (4): The money will be difficult to change the value on
difficultyScalingRespawnHunger (true): Whether respawn constant hunger problems
Good health when your hunger is on 3 legs (though slower)
So, you do not need to eat right after you've lost a few legs
It seems pointless to have a food that recovers a large number of hungry
you have to stay at maximum healing and hunger to
Now you can let your hunger down about half before eating
Healing increasingly slower as your health is lower
Health low for negative impacts
Slow, slow speed and exploiting weak
The potential effects are identified and begin by setting tough
Each effect can be disabled for individual configuration
Poverty and the cure rate is affected by difficulty
ease / speed of peace is 75%, normal is 100%, 150% hard
Reducing hunger and increasing speed when installed HarvestCraft (33% faster)
Just because it's easier to find food
Low hungry for negative impacts
Slow start at 3 and work left leg up when you are hungry
extraction speed is slow and weak rock while less than 2 legs
You die instantly when hungry zero
Do not worry, this is offset by the reduction of leeway to deplete
New command: / sethunger [play] <int>
available to use on yourself and others (if you are an OP)
can be disabled in the configuration
The new HarvestCraft village field
The new HarvestCraft village water field:
Posted Image
New desert village sand field
Posted Image
Crop tooltips showing the best biomes to plant in
Posted Image
New farmer villager trades (buys HarvestCraft crop produce)
Posted Image
New butcher villager trades (sells high tier HarvestCraft foods)
Posted Image
New HarvestCraft chest loot
Posted Image
Harvestcraft seeds being squeezed in the Forestry squeezer
Posted Image
Author iguana_man
You need to Download and install Minecraft Forge, Download and install HarvestCraft Mod
Download hungry Overhaul Mod.
Put hungry Overhaul Mod zip file into. Minecraft / mods / folder of your. Do not extract it.

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