FoodCraftory Mod 1.6.1/1.5.2

FoodCraftory is a mod that changes vanilla food to better accommodate the new food added with FarmCraftory and FruitCraftory.

FoodCraftory lowers or adjusts the healing amount of every vanilla food item to compensate for the additional food added by the other Craftory Mods. For example, a cooked steak heals 8 food hunger points in vanilla Minecraft. FoodCraftory changes cooked steak to only heal 5 food hunger points, giving you a better incentive to harvest crops, fruit, ect. Configuration is also added to the vanilla food items, so you can set steak, carrots, apples, ect, to heal hunger, saturation, or health to whatever amount you like with the config file

For Minecraft 1.6.1 and up
How to install for Single Player/LAN:
  • Download and open the new Minecraft Forge Installer.jar
  • Select “Install client”, make sure the .minecraft directory is correct, and press OK
  • Press OK again after install completes
  • Open the official Minecraft Launcher and either select “Forge” under Profile or create a New Profile and select Forge under “Use Version”
  • Click Play and verify Minecraft has loaded successfully
  • Close Minecraft, place the files in the /mods/ folder, and reopen
  • You’re done!
For Minecraft 1.5.2 and below
How to install for Single Player/LAN:
  • Go to your .minecraft folder and open /bin/ folder
  • Open minecraft.jar with WinRAR
  • Download and copy the Forge API files to the minecraft.jar
  • Place the in the /mods/ folder
  • You’re done!
How to install for Multiplayer (SMP):
  • Go to your designated server folder
  • Open minecraft_server.jar with WinRAR
  • Download and copy the Forge API files to the minecraft_server.jar
  • Place the in the /mods/ folder
  • You’re done!
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