FlenixRoads Mod 1.6.2/1.5.2

FlenixRoads Mod Paving the way for a better world
Perhaps you are a big fan of the Flan Mod, but not anywhere to go but the new Mini for a spin! Have you ever slaved over building your city, just to see what is missing?
If that's you, then this is the mod you need!
Introduction: Roads adds a whole load of new blocks to use as a way to get around!

So what it does exactly ...
Right now, it is simply a load of road blocks, with many types of paint.
There's also everything else you need to make the runway, including Tar!
However, the mod is still Alpha, so expect a lot more soon!
The expected features
this is everything I intend to add right now. Lack what you want? Suggest it!
- The street signs. Speed ​​limit, direction, street name signs can even burn!
- Lighting. Street lights, Cat Eye, Light up the bollards vvthuc!
- Clock speed. A beautiful widget display when you are going to any organization, displays your speed.
- More secondary model - car park height restrictions, mobile fences etc.
- Support Redstone - Working traffic lights, street lights
- Other things to decorate your city!
- Structural better! optional texture pack available!
Change log FlenixRoads 0.4.0
Note- I'm writing this as I've almost finished the update. So, I'll probably forget some stuff...
- Changed render system. RoadBlocks are now meta-based and use multiple textures, meaning a lot less IDs
- Changed Tile Entity pre-built stuff to not be pre-built (eg traffic lights, lamps) - There are now poles, so you can set the height.
- Added "40", "50", and "60" speed limit signs
- Step towards working traffic lights- you can now place in one of four colour combos. No redstone yet sorry.
- Fixed ramp model
- Fixed the de-render bug when the base block goes out of the FOV
- Fixed Kerb blocks. All kerbs now appear to be "crafted" correctly, with the kerb section actually being "seperate" via texture.
- Added a full-size Tarmac block as requested by someone
- Removed the "Slow" and "Stop". They will be replaced in the future.
Known caveats
- Collecting Tar gives you a bucket of water
- Tarmac Ramps, Street Signs & The road barrier don't have icon textures
- Traffic Lights all use the same icon
- Two of the Tarmac Ramps don't have textures when placed (Not sure what I should put on them to be honest!)
- No crafting recipes
- Ramps aren't functional (You can't actually walk up them yet)
- Some collision boxes are quite buggy, namely the barriers.

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