Tiles Mod

Tiles Minecraft mods introduces a couple new blocks that act the same way as carpets do. But instead of carpets made out of wool, you have tiles made out of building material.
Crafting Recipes
Crafting recipes are simple. Just put 2 blocks of any kind into the crafting table and it will give 18 tiles. For grass you need 2 dirt and 2 seeds. For Mycelium you need 2 dirt, 1 red mushroom, and 1 brown mushroom. To get the original block back from tiles, just fill the crafting table with tiles and it will give you 1 block of that tile.

These recipes are shapeless. Meaning you can put the 2 blocks anywhere in the crafting table and they will return the tiles.

Installation is simple. Just install Forge (there is an install video on the website to show you how to install forge), then download the mod, and go to .minecraft/mods (%appdata%). Drop it in there and your done. You've install Tiles mod

Changelog V2.0
- Added an update checker
- Updated to Forge 1.7.2

Author: Gim949

1.7.2_Forge_V2.0_Tiles Mod - Now for 1.7.2

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